What is Private Proxy?

Private proxy

Private means that it is allocated exclusively for you, and it has a working logic like all our other proxy services and is called proxies that act as a server between you and the target address. However, another advantage of private proxies is to provide a high level confidential and quality solution for all purposes of use such as data scraping, social media marketing, financial data.

Proxy services:

The prices of proxy types vary according to their costs, and proxy services that are much cheaper on different websites are usually proxies that are shared with thousands of people or obtained from zombie computers. Therefore, you should not prefer shared proxies for your professional transactions. You should always take care to use Private proxies in your quality and result-oriented transactions.

What is a private proxy?

This proxy feature, called private proxy or private proxy, is a type of proxy that is only for you and only you use during the time interval you purchase or use. While you are using it, the proxy IP is not shared with another user, you have all the limits by determining when and how to use this proxy.

Private proxies for your individual or corporate needs

You can choose private proxies not only for your corporate transactions but also for your individual use. The corporate private proxy type will be used in software and different integrations, while individual users can use it by reading our article called “proxy usage in the browser“.

Proxies for Social Media

As you know, social media marketing is an indispensable tool for companies and quality proxies are needed for this. Private proxies, that is, proxies that are not shared with other customers at the same time with you, will always bring you to the forefront in your social media marketing. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok popular proxy used social media sites and can be used for many purposes such as data analysis, competitor tracking, multiple account management and location-based discovery tracking.


You can choose proxies to speed up your operations in many tools such as competitor analysis, product and category tracking in marketplaces. You can choose variable or fixed proxies according to your transaction volume, or you can use ipv6 proxies if the website you will pull data from is a website that supports ipv6. Since Trendyol and Amazon are e-commerce sites with high market volume and seller competition, it is common to use proxies to speed up transactions and obtain quality data.

Online gaming

It is used for purposes such as reducing ping values in popular online games according to countries, removing location barriers and managing multiple accounts, and private proxies are preferred to avoid sharing IP addresses with multiple users at the same time. Knight Online, Silkroad Online, Metin2, Lords Mobile and Growtopia are popular games where proxy is preferred, and proxy can be used in all games worldwide.

Other purposes of use

Private proxies are a feature and all of our Proxynet products are private. In shared services, this is indicated as “Shared”. Before purchasing, you can always get support from us before sales regarding your intended use, you can choose the most suitable proxy for the process you want to do by meeting with our sales representative in writing or by voice. Platforms using proxies are used in Google proxies such as developing data scraping technologies, increasing online games, marketplace competitions in the field of e-commerce, as well as SERP for websites, ie Search Engine Ranking Tracking.

Advantages of using a private proxy

Private and secure

  • The biggest advantage of using a private proxy is that a different user is not doing what you are doing and you are trading over an encrypted and completely secure connection.
  • Using a private proxy allows you to perform the process you will do in the fastest way and allows you to work with minimum ping value.

Customised speed value

  • It is difficult to catch the guaranteed speed value in shared proxies, but in private private proxies, your speed values are constantly constant and therefore your ping values are constantly constant and quality.
  • Since your speed values are fixed and high in private proxies, you perform the operation you want to do by using the fastest and only you.

As a result

As Proxynet, all our proxy servers such as Residential, ISP, Mobile, Datacenter, IPv6 are private and we serve you with special speed, quality and clean IP. You can take your business model to the next level with our quality proxy servers.

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