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Knight Online NTTGAME, Knight Online World, Steam and all other servers are stuck in IP limit while managing multiple accounts, if you cannot connect to the game with more characters, you can solve your problem by using a proxy.

For Knight Online, we recommend the ISP Proxy type, which is completely real home ip addresses. Static ISP Proxies have productivity centre performance and home internet quality.


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Static ISP Residential Proxies

Static ISP Residential Proxies

You can quickly access more than 120,000 unlimited fixed Internet Service Providers ISP Residential proxy location and keep IP addresses fixed for as long as you want.

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Knight Online Proxy Features

Unlimited Traffic

Static ISP Residential proxies do not have any quota and traffic limits, we do not issue surprise invoices such as extra GB fees. You can only buy on a quantity basis and use it unlimitedly as much as you wish.

Lowest Ping/ MS Value

We host our servers in the highest quality TIER 1 status telecoms in Turkey and we constantly monitor them. We provide you with the best quality Static ISP proxies. We offer you the fastest Knight Online proxies.

Multi Connection

You can connect to Knight Online proxies from more than one computer, you can play your game without any limits.

Instant Delivery

You can buy your proxies to use in Knight Online game by making online payment from our panel, you can get instant delivery.

Proxy Management

You can manage your Knight proxies from your panel, you can automatically perform operations such as changing the protocol, writing a note next to it and extending the time, defining IP.

API and Integration

You can download your proxies in any format you want from your panel, or you can integrate your proxies into your software or programs with your API key.

The advantage of using a proxy in Knight Online

In Knight Online, a certain number of characters can be entered into the game from an IP address, and even if users have more than one computer, they cannot enter more characters into the game because they are connected to a single modem, and they receive an IP limit. For this reason, players can enter more than one character into the game by purchasing more than one proxy ip with more computers. SOCKS5 protocol IPv4 proxy type can be used in Knight Online, and the best proxy preference is ISP Proxy, which consists entirely of real modem and home ip. Home

Currently Avaible ISPs

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Atlas Networks

Turk Telekom

Century Link




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