Proxies for Instagram

You can perform many operations on Instagram with a proxy, such as managing multiple accounts, scraping and analyzing data.

You can choose the highest quality, fastest and cleanest IPv4 or IPv6 proxies, and use proxies in HTTPs or SOCKS5 protocol so that you can perform your transactions at lightning speed without being blocked on Instagram.

Why use a proxy on Instagram?

People who manage more than one account on Instagram and corporations are stuck in the IP limit as companies perform multiple transactions. Instagram has a limit on an IP address, and when more than one request comes through that IP address, it restricts operations or suspends the account.

In order to avoid these limits, individual or corporate users can perform their transactions from different IPs by assigning different Instagram proxies to each account from the browser or with special software while managing their accounts and they can quickly provide their transactions without obstacles.

Which proxy type to use on Instagram?

Both ipv4 proxy and ipv6 proxy types can be used on Instagram, Instagram accepts both types of ip. But after choosing these types, there are also many proxy types such as Residential, Datacenter, Mobile, and this can become confusing for someone who does not know.

Instagram sees the incoming visitor more accurately than the home and modem ip. For this reason, Datacenter IPs can be used more for data analysis and data scraping, but individual or multiple account management operations are healthier to be performed with Residential and Mobile proxies. If you manage a lot of accounts and want to get a new proxy for each request, you can choose a Rotating (continuous or periodically changing) proxy, or if you want to give a fixed different proxy to each account, not every request, you can choose a Static Residential proxy. Mobile proxies, on the other hand, can be preferred for people who need both a high transaction volume and a large number of IPs in order to use more IPs at low cost. As a protocol, you can log in as HTTPs if you perform your transactions over the web, or SOCKS5 if you perform your transactions with a desktop software.

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