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Proxynet proxy infrastructure is designed to provide you with the most suitable service. We can provide the most suitable proxy solution for your large or small business, and you can always contact us if you have difficulty choosing a proxy service.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy is a server that enables communication, the flow of data between two devices. Bir adrese veya servere bağlanmak için proxy kullandığınızda bağlantığınız adres ip adresinizi proxy sunucusunun ip adresi olarak görür ve gerçek ip adresinizi gizlemiş olursunuz. Proxy çevrimiçi güvenliğinizi ve gizliğinizi sağlar. Proxy is used for many legal purposes and the primary purpose of using a proxy is to hide the IP address.

When you use a proxy, all requests you send are sent to the proxy server and your real IP address is hidden. This is the general definition of the proxy server, and you can access the proxy types and features below and choose the Proxynet services that suits you. Home © 2024 · All Rights Reserved

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