Proxies for Data Scraping

While data scraping can be used in all areas for a business or individual users, using a proxy is a priority for faster access to the information you want to learn. You need a diverse and clean proxy pool to pull data such as prices, financial information, travel calendars, etc. from a website instantaneously or at specific time intervals.

You can provide proxy integration to your automation or software to pull a large amount of data in the fastest way, so you can scrape more data in a short time.

Choosing the right proxy for data scraping.

One of the most important factors in Data Scraping is choosing the right proxy type. Just as you can discuss the right type of proxy with a Proxynet dedicated customer representative, you should also discuss how many and how much you need with an expert. While the Residential proxy type is generally recommended for all scraping operations, the Datacenter proxy type can be more cost-effective for scraping some websites. But what we always recommend is to choose between rotating (changing with each request), static or dynamic (changing at specific time intervals) depending on the type of Residential proxy and your intended use.

All websites in the world accept ipv4 proxy type and some websites have ipv6 proxy support. You can evaluate this with an expert and use HTTP/ HTTPs/ SOCKS/ UDP protocols according to your software.

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