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Proxynet Residential and Datacenter HTTPS proxies are considered the most stable and high-quality proxies available on the market. You can start using proxy list of more than 40 Million Residential and Datacenter proxies right away.


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Static ISP Residential Proxies

Static ISP Residential Proxies

You can quickly access more than 120,000 unlimited fixed Internet Service Providers ISP Residential proxy location and keep IP addresses fixed for as long as you want.

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Rotating Residential Proxies

Rotating Residential Proxies

Enjoy over 40 Million real ip addresses from 190+ locations to choose any city worldwide.

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Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter Proxies

You can immediately access Datacenter IPv4 proxies that you can use for more than 70,000 high-performance transactions.

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Mobile Proxies

Mobile Proxies

You can meet your high IP address needs at the most affordable cost thanks to our 4G/ 5G Mobile Proxy data center, which was created entirely with real phones.

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HTTP and HTTPS Proxies Overview

HTTP and HTTPS proxies are tools used to route and secure data transmission over the internet. A proxy server plays an intermediary role to receive users’ requests and forward them to destination servers. Here are the main features and differences between HTTP and HTTPS proxies.

What is HTTP Proxy?

HTTP proxies are intermediate servers that route users’ web traffic. Users’ requests first reach the proxy server, which then forwards the request to the destination web server and passes the response back to the user. This is used for purposes such as access control, content filtering and privacy enhancement. However, since the data is not encrypted, protecting sensitive information can be difficult.

What is HTTPS Proxy?

HTTPS proxy ensures that data is encrypted when managing HTTPS traffic. Such proxies are particularly important for the security of users. When users access a website, the data is first transmitted encrypted to the proxy server, which then decrypts the data and transfers it to the destination server. In this way, user information and transmitted data remain secure. Our Residential, ISP, Datacenter and Mobile proxies support HTTPS proxy type and you can perform your SSL-based transactions without compromising your security.

HTTP and HTTPS differences

HTTP proxies do not encrypt data and therefore may be insufficient to ensure data security. HTTPS proxies increase data security by offering end-to-end encryption. HTTPS proxies perform reliable authentication using SSL/TLS certificates, which ensures secure communication. They are especially preferred for sensitive transactions such as online shopping. We can say that HTTPS proxies preferred in the web environment will be used in browser and browser-based automations as well as supporting all proxy types.

As a result, HTTP proxies offer some advantages by intermediating user requests, while HTTPS proxies are more effective in ensuring data security and privacy. Depending on the usage scenario, it is important to choose the right type of ipv4 or ipv6 proxy as this plays a critical role in internet security and communication privacy.

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Thanks to our Proxynet self-service panel, you can automatically create and manage all proxy types and pay for your proxies whenever you want.

Our mission is to provide seamless proxies for your large and small businesses.

Thanks to our easy customer panel, you can save time and quickly order a proxy, as well as easily order many types of proxies such as ipv4 proxy, ipv6 proxy, static proxy, rotating proxy, https proxy, socks proxy, udp proxy by choosing according to your intended use without confusing yourself.

If you are still worried about which proxy type you should get according to your intended use, you can request live support immediately by contacting your special customer representative from your user panel.

Enjoy high speed proxies

We work with Proxynet TIER 1+ telecoms and cooperate with this telecom to continuously improve our infrastructure. We work with the best quality telecoms from all over the world and use the most powerful equipment.

Thanks to our non-shared private lines in telecom and data centers, we can transfer high speeds to proxies and enable you to operate with the lowest ping while using it.

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Highest uptime rate thanks to our quality infrastructure

In addition to working with the best telecoms in the world, we constantly monitor our infrastructure in telecoms, and we constantly check it with our physical visits in order to achieve a high vitality rate.

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