What are Mobile Proxies? Everything You Need to Know

What is mobile proxy, why mobile proxy is used, everything you need to know about mobile proxy and mobile proxies in this article. We’ll take a comprehensive look at potential use cases, sectors, industries, user types, and generally everything related to proxies.

What are Mobile Proxies?

We will first explain what mobile proxies are in a simple way. Mobile proxies, just like other proxy servers, act as a bridge between the two parties and the user finally logs out to the internet from the IP address of the mobile device. The important thing here is the quality and security of the output IP address.

For example, in mobile proxies that you have purchased from Proxynet, you are given a fixed login IP address, while the IP address you exit from remains variable according to your preference. Mobile proxies have the following features:

  • Static: Proxies that can remain fixed as long as you want.
  • Dynamic: Proxies that can change at any time or occasionally.
  • Rotating: Siz istediğiniz zaman veya sürekli her istekde değişebilen proxyler.

You can use mobile proxies within the above features and shape them according to your own usage purpose. Mobile proxies are generally preferred by customers who need rotating proxies and are mostly used in sectors such as data scraping, multiple account management, financial data due to the large and clean IP pool. In short, mobile proxies allow the user to access the internet from thousands or even millions of different mobile devices by masking their own IP address.

How Do Mobile Proxies Work?

As with Residential Proxies, the Mobile proxy is actually a home IP address. The main reason why mobile proxies are preferred over residential proxies is to directly display the output IP address as mobile and to be seen as a mobile device by the target site or IP address.

The operating logic of mobile IP addresses is based on a large pool. Global telecoms generally collect mobile IP addresses in a pool with CGNAT infrastructure and distribute these IP addresses equally to mobile devices via SIM cards via base stations. If the shooting capacity of mobile devices that provide connection to the base station per province or district is high, they can obtain IP addresses from different cities. Telecoms create an IP address pool according to the population in the province and district, and provide IP distribution in this common pool as CGNAT with the technology mentioned above.

Mobile Proxy No Ban

Mobile IP addresses are especially used in data scraping by mobile application developers and are frequently used in game account management that does not accept non-mobile traffic. With 3G / 4G / 5G and LTE technologies, thousands and millions of IP addresses can be used with GB cost.

How to Install Mobile Proxies?

You need to decide where you will use mobile proxies first. Before purchasing mobile proxies, of course, you should consult with a professional proxy provider and choose the appropriate proxy type according to your intended use. You can always contact Proxynet sales representatives to produce the best quality solution with the most cost-effective cost.

Mobile proxies have the same integration as other proxy types, and you can read the relevant integration documents on our blog page, whichever software language or operating system you want to integrate. Programmes or operating systems where mobile proxies are frequently used:

  • Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc web browsers.
  • Android and iOS phones.
  • Automation systems such as Python, Selenium.
  • E-commerce infrastructures

It is mainly use systems and can be easily integrated into all operating systems because it is a quality pool in general. Mobile proxies can be used as both HTTPs and SOCKS5.

Sectors where Mobile Proxies are used

Mobile proxies are used in sectors that need a lot of IP and are ideal for people who want to perform thousands of transactions at the same time. Multiple account management, bot automation, data scraping, etc. are the most prominent of these and are generally used by people who want to obtain data very quickly. The most preferred usage purposes of mobile proxies:

  • Social media: It is preferred to get instant data from major social media sites such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (Twitter), to follow discovery, to manage multiple accounts, etc. to perform thousands of operations with a large number of IP pools.
  • Data scraping: LinkedIn, Google Maps, E-commerce sites, etc. In all sectors where you need data, you can choose mobile proxies so that you can obtain data in the fastest way by using a large IP pool.
  • Search Engine: It is used to follow the ranking of your website in popular search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, to analyse your competitors and to obtain data such as Google maps in the location you want.
  • Online games: Mobile proxies can be preferred in online games to eliminate location-based blocking in some countries, to participate in special events and to earn in-game earnings.

The main purposes of use are listed above and are also frequently used for data analysis in sectors such as map data, holiday research, cyber security, brand protection and health tourism.


Mobile proxies are an indispensable proxy type for users who want to access many IP addresses at the same time, and are slightly more costly than Residential proxies in terms of GB cost. We strongly recommend that you use a mobile proxy, especially if you are aiming for data in usage types targeting mobile, managing mobile accounts, targeting mobile-related sectors. However, in sectors where you do not need to use mobile IP, we recommend using Residential proxies with lower pricing or isp proxy if you do not need variable IP.

According to your purpose of use, you can contact us through our communication channels in detailed voice or in writing about which proxy type you will use, we can contact a sales representative and we can do our best to provide you with affordable service.

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