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Access more than 120,000 ISP Residential proxies over 8425 subnets worldwide. Enjoy stable, clean and performant fixed residential proxies.


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ISP What are Proxies?

Static; fixed, that is, fixed IPs that do not change unless you want, ISP; Companies with ISP licences that distribute internet to homes over cable lines such as Turkcell, Turk Telekom, and Residential means housing, that is, home. Normally, Residential proxies are a continuously variable IP type, but our customers who make fixed transactions, especially for the game, need a Residential proxy that remains constant as much as they want, so the static proxy type allows you to use Residential IP addresses as fixed as you want.

You can use Fixed ISP Residential IPs in HTTPS / SOCKS5 protocols for multiple account management, gaming, data analysis, web scraping and many other tasks. You can select IPv4 and IPv6 from our panel and quickly perform your transactions through our Proxynet Self-Service panel. Home

ISP Proxy Features

Unlimited Traffic & Bandwidth

There is no quota and traffic in Static ISP Residential proxies, we do not issue surprise invoices such as extra GB fees. You can only buy on a quantity basis and use it as much as you wish, unlimited.

Fast ISP Proxy Infrastructure

Fast ISP Proxy Infrastructure

We host our servers in Turkey’s highest quality TIER 1 status efficiency centres and we constantly monitor them. We provide you with the highest quality ISP Residential proxies.

Clean ISP Proxies

Our Proxy IPs do not appear as Proxy / VPN and have a 0% Spam and Fraud score. Extremely clean and unbanned.

Multi Connection

When using ISP proxies, you can provide multiple connections at the same time, you can provide multi threat usage without any limit. Thanks to Multi connection, more than one user can be connected to a single prox.


You can use your ISP Proxies as HTTPS or SOCKS. You can easily change the connection protocol of your proxies from your panel. TCP and UDP support.

USER:PASS or IP Authentication

You can use your proxies with USER:PASS or by defining your IP address only on that computer and server without password.

Instant Delivery

With Proxynet self-service customer panel, you can quickly create and start using your proxies. You can extend the duration of your proxies as long as you want before the end of your purchase period.

Advanced Proxy Management

You can manage your private ISP proxies from your panel, change the protocol, note which account you use next to it and define IP.

Export and Integration

You can download your proxies from your panel in ip:port:user:pass, hostname:port:user:pass or in the format you want, or you can integrate your proxies into your software or programs with your API key.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can take a look at frequently asked questions about our product, if you have not yet received the answers you are looking for, you can always contact us.

ISP Proxy'ler Nedir?

ISP proxyler tamamen gerçek ev IP adreslerinden oluşan verimerkezi performansındaki IP adresleridir. 

ISP proxyler paylaşımsız, yalnızca bana mı özel?

Evet, satın almış olduğunuz proxyleri yalnızca siz kullanırsınız.

ISP proxyler her websiteye girer mi?

Evet, ISP proxyler tüm website ve oyunlara giriş sağlar.

ISP Proxyler SOCKS5/ UDP destekliyor mu?

Evet, ISP proxyler SOCKS5 protokolü ve UDP desteklidir. 

ISP Proxyler HTTP/ HTTPS/ TCP destekliyor mu?

Evet, ISP proxyler HTTP/ HTTPS desteklediği gibi TCP’de desteklemektedir. 

Hizmeti bir API ile yönetmek mümkün mü?

Satın almış olduğunuz proxyleri API ile yönetebilir veya satın almadan önce API ile sipariş geçebilirsiniz. API dökümantasyonu için satış yöneticinizle iletişime geçebilirsiniz. © 2024 · All Rights Reserved