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Access more than 120,000 ISP Residential proxies on more than 8425 subnets worldwide. Enjoy stable, clean and performance static residential proxies.

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What is Static ISP Residential Proxies?

Static; fixed, that is, IPs that do not change unless you want them to, ISP; Companies with ISP licences that distribute internet to homes over cable lines such as Turkcell, Turk Telekom and Residential means housing, that is, home. Normally, Residential proxies are a continuously variable ip type, but our customers who make fixed transactions, especially for the game, need a Residential proxy that remains fixed as much as they want, so the static proxy type allows you to use Residential IP addresses as fixed as you want.

You can use fixed ISP Residential IPs in HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS5 / UDP protocols for multiple account management, gaming, data analysis, web scraping and many other tasks. You can choose IPv4 and IPv6 from our panel and quickly perform your transactions through our Proxynet Self-Service panel.

What is ISP IPs ?

Residential proxy network is a proxy network with real IP addresses provided by cable (ISP) Internet Service Providers. These IP addresses are completely taken from high quality telecoms and you can choose country and city based.

Static Residential Proxy is a good choice for our customers who do not want their IP address to change and want it to remain constant.

Proxynet Residential proxy görseli

Static (ISP) Residential
Proxies Features

Unlimited Bandwith

Static ISP Residential proxies are unlimited bandwidth. You don’t need to pay GB to calculate the proxy price, you just pay the amount of proxy you buy.

Fast Residential Proxy Network

All of the Static ISP Residential proxies are hosted in private data centers and are hosted on non-shared private lines. We provide service with cable internet at very high speeds in every city.

Multi Connection/ Thread

In ISP proxies, the number of instant connections is not limited, we give a nice speed to protect the health of the proxies in terms of speed.

Dedicated Account Manager

The proxies you have purchased are private to you and no one else uses those proxies while you use them.

No High Subscription Fees

We have proxy packages that you can pay on a per unit basis or as much as you use. You will never encounter high monthly fees, you will only use as much as you pay.

API and Intergation

With our full control API, you can remotely manage your proxies, place new orders and remarket them. Thanks to our API, you can easily integrate your proxies into your programs or software.

Proxynet Network

Our pool of residential proxies is always audited and we get the highest live rate for you. If you want your proxies to work with minimum interruption, you can choose us. With the assurance of working with TIER 1 telecoms, we always supervise them, visit our servers and provide you with the best quality infrastructure. Residential ISP proxies always work fast and with high quality.

Our residential proxy network has the best telecoms in the world.

We work with the best telecoms in all countries and all over the world our teams visit datacenters live and test their speed. With thousands of subnets and millions of IP addresses, we always serve you by expanding our network.

High Speed Proxies

Residential ISP proxies work on private network lines and we have complete control of these lines. We use the datacenter special line to give special speed values to our customers. We work with all telecoms worldwide and we visit and check the speed values physically. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality and fast ISP proxies. © 2023 · All Rights Reserved