How to Set iPhone Proxy Settings?

Learn how to set up Proxynet proxies on your iPhone and iPad and access content unblocked.

A proxy server acts as an intermediate server when accessing any website or server and the IP address of the proxy server is displayed by the destination address. This way you can hide your own IP address and protect yourself from hackers and possible attacks. You can also use a proxy to eliminate geographic barriers if your location does not allow the website you want to access.

How to set up a proxy on iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad iOS device.

ios settings app

Step 2: Select the Wi-Fi tab.

ios settings wifi

Step 3: Select the Wi-Fi network you are connected to, which you see with a blue check mark on the left side.

ios wifi preferences

Step 4: The HTTP proxy tab is Off by default. Let’s start entering the settings by clicking inside it.

ios configure proxies

Step 5: Select the Manual option.

ios manual configuration

Step 6: Enter the proxy information you purchased in the server and port field.

ios manual proxy settings

After entering your IP and Port information, if you have not made an IP Whitelist, a field will open for you to enter your Username and Password by activating the “Auth” tab. You can activate your proxy by entering the User and Password assigned to you in this field in your panel.

iOS only allows HTTPs proxies and does not support SOCKS5 proxies.

Step 7: Test your proxy address.

After you have activated your proxy information, you can test whether it is working by going to and checking your IP address. If you do this step first to distinguish between your real IP address and the proxy address and note your IP address and operator, you can see more clearly that it changes when the proxy is active.

How to Use Proxy on iPad or iPhone

Once you have configured the iPad or iPhone proxy server on your iOS device, all requests to the destination web address or IP address will attempt to route through a proxy. If some applications block the proxy connection, the proxy may not work in these applications.

Note that this only applies to the Wi-Fi connection where you set up the proxies. When you disconnect or connect to a different Wi-Fi, you will stop using the proxy server.

How to Turn Off Proxy Server on iPhone or iPad

If you want to disable the use of proxy on your Wi-Fi network, you can continue to use your operator’s own mobile ip address by disabling all the settings you have made with the “Off” option in the Proxy settings as shown in the image below.

ios proxy server off

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