Dolphin Anty Proxy Integration

A step-by-step guide on how to use Dolphin Anty Browser, the popular program that allows you to open multiple browsers with proxies.

What is Dolphin Anty Browser?

Dolphin Anty Browser is a browser used especially in data scraping, social media management, online advertising and e-commerce. This browser has features that allow users to work with different proxy IP addresses in multiple profiles at the same time.

Main features of Dolphin Anty

  • Multiple profile creation: Dolphin Anty’s most powerful feature is the ability to create multiple different browsers and run them optimally without straining the system. Each scanner can be assigned fingerprint information such as different operating system, different graphics card and hardware information, different screen size, etc.
  • Real fingerprint information: Dolphin Anty browser uses real fingerprint information to make it difficult to detect a fake browser against the target website. Scanners built entirely using real fingerprint information provide reliable responses.
  • Ability to share profiles with the team: You can manage the profiles you create with your teammates at the same time or you can assign special profiles to your teammates. Dolphin browser makes it easier to manage multiple accounts at your workplace.

Dolphin Anty is a program that provides easy integration with Python and other popular programming languages, allowing you to open multiple browsers by creating multiple profiles. Dolphin Anty is a top anonymity and privacy program, and its ease of use is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by users.

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How to set up Proxies in Dolphin Anty?

Step by step, we will explain to you the installation of proxy integration with the Dolphin Anty program. Let’s get started…

1. Download and install Dolphin Anty Browser

Before you start using it, download and install the program by registering on the Dolphin Anty official site.

2. Open Dolphin Anty Proxy settings

Click on the “Proxies” and “Add new Proxy” tabs in the image on the right.

3. Enter your proxy information

On the screen that opens, you can import your proxy information either in bulk or individually. By the way, you can also enter proxy information directly when adding a “Profile” without using this screen.

Dolphin supports both HTTS proxy and SOCKS5 proxy types.

4. Create a profile

Open the profile creation screen by clicking on the “Create Profile” icon and create your profile by selecting from the proxies you have imported or by entering a new proxy IP where we marked it in red.

4. Launch

You can view the profiles you have created on the home screen. From here you can open the profile you created in a new tab by clicking on the “Start” button.


In conclusion, Dolphin Anty Browser is a good browser for multi-account management and browser optimization. It allows people who manage corporate business accounts to create multiple and healthy profiles so that they can manage their accounts without getting stuck in IP limits and not to confuse them while managing these accounts. You can also share the created profiles with your teammates.

You can choose Proxynet proxy servers to overcome obstacles with the Dolphin Anty program and you can always contact a sales representative before the sale. © 2024 · All Rights Reserved

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