SwitchyOmega Proxy Intergration

With the SwitchyOmega extension you can use a proxy in your Chrome, Mozilla, Brave or Chromium based browsers.

When you want to change the standard proxy settings of your Windows or MAC browser, it becomes useless because it covers all browsers. That’s why it’s better to use SwitchyOmega, one of the most widely used browser proxy switching plugins.

Before using the SwitchOmega plugin, you can browse our proxy products and buy proxy

Download the SwitchyOmega extension for Chrome or Firefox:

For Chrome and Chromium based browsers (like Brave…) or for Firefox you should download the plugin from the links below and then activate the plugin from the extensions.

1. Create a profile in the SwitchyOmega plugin settings

Right-click on the SwitchyOmega plugin and go to “Settings” to access your plugin’s settings. In the left menu, create a profile for the proxy you will use.


2. Enter your Proxynet proxy information

Go into your profile and select the HTTP protocol. In the Proxy Server and Port section, enter the proxy hostname and port information you purchased from your Proxynet customer panel and click the save button.


If you are using your proxyn as USER:PASS and not IP Whitelist, click the Lock icon, type the User and Password of your Proxynet proxyn and click the save button. If you have made IP Whitelist from the Proxynet panel, you do not need to do this, this is only for our customers who want to use the prox with username and password.


3. Select the Profile by clicking on the SwitchyOmega icon

When you click on the proxy profile you have created by clicking on the icon of the SwitchyOmega plugin in your browser, you will now access the internet via proxy. If you have purchased a target URL based proxy from our Proxynet panel, please note that you can only log in to those websites.



The SwitchyOmega plugin is one of the best proxy plugins on the market right now. SwitchyOmega is only a plugin that allows you to use your proxy, change IP, and does not provide a proxy. To buy a proxy, you can browse our Proxynet products or contact us through our pre-sales communication channels.

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