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Why Use Proxy in Silkroad Online?

Silkroad Online Proxies

In the popular MMORPG game Silkroad Online, you can use a proxy to overcome country restrictions, reduce ping time, and many other factors that will benefit while playing the game.

What is Silkroad Online?

Silkroad TRSRO, iSRO, vSRO, cSRO, iSRO, vSRO, cSRO under the name of the official servers, especially in Turkey, Egypt, China, Korea, Japan, such as countries such as the popularised MMORPG game. Developed and published by Joymax, the game has maintained its popularity since 2002 and is popular with players in countries with official servers.

Why Use Proxy in Silkroad Online?

Like many online games published in our country, Silkroad Online has many protection systems in itself. The Xtrap protection system installed with Silkroad Online protects the game from malicious players, bots and viruses. As in every game, we of course do not recommend the use of cheats in Silkroad Online.

1. Overcoming Local Restrictions

If you want to connect to Silkroad Online from a different country or if your own internet service provider does not allow you to play this game, you can overcome geolocation-based restrictions by using a proxy service in the same location as Silkroad Online servers and play the game more securely.

For example, you want to connect to Silkroad Online TRSRO (Turkey) servers but you live in Iran. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) company in Iran does not allow you to connect to this game, you can connect to Silkroad using an IP address from within Turkey. Connecting to the game from within Turkey will also prevent the game from perceiving you as a bot.

2. Reducing Ping Time

One of the most important factors in an online game is ping time. In other words, when you connect to the game in the fastest way and play with the least delay, you are always one step ahead of your competitors. Providing a connection from the closest address to the servers of the online game you play allows you to minimise your ping time. By connecting to Silkroad Online servers from the nearest server, you can take your game quality to the next level.

3. Dedicated / Private IP Address

Some internet service providers share an IP address with hundreds of users. Today, the average varies from country to country, with 1 IP address per 200 people/modem. With this technology, which we call CGNAT, the same IP address is shared with many people due to the limited number of IPv4 in the world.

In IP-restricted games such as Silkroad Online, if you do not want your account to be compromised by a user with the same IP address as you in your building or neighbourhood, you can reduce this risk by renting a private proxy IP address.

4. Privacy and Security

Most players want to hide their IP address, players who play this game professionally want to use private IP addresses because of possible vulnerabilities in the game and attacks such as DDOS can be made by other players. Proxy is preferred because IP prices are expensive in Internet Service Providers and more than one IP address cannot be obtained.

How to Use Proxy in Silkroad Online?

There is no official proxy program in Silkroad Online, but you can play Silkroad Online using intermediary programs.

  1. Open Proxynet Proxy Manager or Proxifier. For those who use Proxynet Manager, you can directly enter your Proxynet account and use the programme you want with the proxy you want. For Proxifier, you can first read our article from our blog post “How to Use Proxifier“.
  2. If you are using Proxifier, create a proxy server and enter your purchased proxy information.
  3. Enter your proxy information you purchased for Silkroad Online and press save.
  4. You can enable proxy usage only on Silkroad Online by selecting the client you want to use the proxy from the Proxy Rules tab, that is, Silkroad Online. If you want to use the proxy on your entire computer, you can change the Default setting to Proxy.
  5. After all the settings are finished, you can connect to your game and view the IP address and status of your connection on the screen. For our more detailed Proxifier guide, don’t forget to visit the blog post above.


Silkroad Online is an MMORPG game that still maintains its popularity in Turkey and in all countries where it is published. It is invaluable for players to have a nice experience and play a smooth game. You can choose Proxynet proxy services to reduce ping times, eliminate geo-location based blocking, and play games safely. We do not support or recommend the use of cheats in Silkroad Online. Have a good game.

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