Best Proxy for Gaming

Enjoy enhanced online gaming experience with Proxynet™ SOCKS/ UDP protocol supported proxy services.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Every millisecond counts when playing online games. Proxynet™ proxies are optimised and designed for gamers.

Real Residential IPs

Residential proxies consist of real desktop and mobile devices and you can use ip addresses in millions of different locations.

Unlimited Connections

You can provide as many connections as you wish and get a different IP address for all your connections, that is, different IP addresses for each request.

Advanced Targeting

You can access the internet from any ASN, country, city, neighbourhood or telecom from the Proxynet wide IP pool.

Unlimited Traffic & Bandwidth

There is no traffic quota in our game proxies, it is completely unlimited.

Lowest MS/Ping Value

Turkey’s highest quality TIER 4 status telecoms in the status of our servers are hosting and we are constantly monitoring them. We offer you the fastest Online Game proxies.

Multi Connection

For games, you can provide multiple connections to proxy ip at the same time and provide multiple use.

Instant Delivery

With Proxynet self-service customer panel, you can quickly create and start using your proxies. You can extend the duration of your proxies as long as you want before the end of your purchase period.

Advanced Proxy Management

You can manage your purchased proxies from your panel, change the protocol, note which account you are using and define IP.

Export and Integration

You can download your proxies from your panel in ip:port:user:pass, hostname:port:user:pass or in the format you want, or you can integrate your proxies into your software or programs with your API key.

What are the problems with online gaming?

There are many reasons for using proxies in online games, but the main ones are security, location-based blocking and high latency issues.

Ping / Latency: In games, as the distance between your internet connection and the server where the game is located increases, ping or MS time increases. Since every millisecond is important for gamers, users who play the game with the lowest ping usually have an advantage over other users. Using Proxynet™ proxies, you can reach your game’s location with minimal latency thanks to our artificial peering servers.

Location Based Restrictions: Some online games have geographical restrictions and do not allow external locations. If you cannot access the game from the location where your own internet is located, you can buy proxy geographical blocking by purchasing a different location proxy and play your game in a pleasant way.

Downloadable content restrictions: Most online games have DLC, ie downloadable game features. Since some DLCs are released earlier in some countries, players in those locations may have early access. You can use a proxy to access downloadable content faster.

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What are the advantages of using a proxy in the game?

If you are experiencing the problems mentioned above, you can start using a proxy to provide a better experience in the online game you play.

Remove location-based barriers: If the game you are playing in your location is not opened to early access, if there are content restrictions, you can overcome this problem by using proxies specially allocated for you.

Global proxy network: Thanks to our proxy servers, residential devices and many proxy solutions located all over the world, you can connect to your online game from the nearest server and enjoy your game with the lowest ping values. Thanks to our artificial peering servers, we allow you to play games with the lowest ms.

Speed optimisation: Thanks to our fast proxy infrastructure, we provide you with a smooth gaming experience with special speed and IP addresses. In addition, our proxies for games have SOCKS5 and UDP support.

Security: DDoS attacks are when hackers attack a network and flood it with spam requests. This consumes all bandwidth and causes everything to crash or your internet to slow down. If you are using a game proxy from Proxynet, attack requests are made to the proxy server instead. This means that your network will be fine and you can continue to play games. © 2024 · All Rights Reserved

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