Terms of use

Update 01.02.2020

1. Welcome to Proxynet

Welcome to Proxynet. Proxynet serves as "web portals", proxynet(dot)io is not hosted in an external domain. Proxynet's customers who benefit from the services offered are deemed to have accepted the terms of use.

In case of violation of the terms of Use, Proxynet reserves the right to terminate the service unilaterally.

2. On our servers are prohibited

Proxynet products are used at the user's responsibility. The customer is responsible for the use of the products and the result of the use.

Those that are forbidden to be made with our products:

Fraud, burglary, insults, threats and slander.

ID theft, fake blogs, phishing.

Spamming. Any activity that may lead to the IP address being blacklisted by the Anti-Abuse Services (BlockList.de, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop etc.)

Mass e-mail / SMS sending.

Malware deployment (viruses, trojans, and anything that might affect the operation of the software ))

Server scanning, website hacking, attack (sql-inj, brute-force etc.)...

Violation of the local laws of the country where the server used is located.

You are responsible for your transactions with fast Proxy services/ products. Proxynet not responsible for damage/ damage to products, Proxynet products are being used by customers it is the responsibility of the person who uses it.

3. Account

You can browse the quick proxy without being a member. But to look at prices, services and details you must be a member. Do not use an email that does not belong to you because it will reduce your account security we send you a link to confirm your email.

You are responsible for all activities and passwords in your account, and the security in this regard is yours. If you think your account is being used by someone else, you can contact us at our contact addresses.

3.1 Transfer Of Membership

The information registered with the Proxynet cannot be transferred to anyone else. But your balance in your account will be transferred to a different member. you can transfer it by contacting.

4. Payments

Proxynet products can be purchased online and the rules of each payment method are as follows, you can reach him.

4.1 Payment is credit card

Proxynet, Credit card payments are collected online and 3D Secure does not accept payments except for them.

If your membership name does not match your paid card name, quickly confirm your Proxy or payment infrastructure provider for you can reach.

4. Refund

Proxynet does not refund balances uploaded to the website. Product mismatch in terms of customer satisfaction, change can be made within 1 day due to incorrect order or as balance to your account for purchase later a refund can be passed.

5. Other web sites

Proxynet may contain links with other websites. We may include links to Blog pages, user comments, forum websites We do not always check these sites and have no official support from these areas.

You have questions?

You can always register and write Live support as well as email.


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