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5+ Million IPs
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Network Uptime

What is IPv4?

IPv4 is the type of IP that is widely used all over the world and accepted by all websites. There are 4.3 Billion IPv4 addresses in the world, this number is less than the human population, and if we look at the human population, IPv4 addresses are now exhausted.

Since it is the oldest and most common type of IP, it supports all websites and still IPv4 is widely used in all European countries.

We provide many ISP based services such as IPv4 Datacenter, Residential and Mobile, and provide you with the highest quality IPv4 proxies.

You can buy a proxy by registering to the Proxynet Self-Service Customer panel right now.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Other proxy providers try to save traffic by restricting simultaneous connections. We always offer strong infrastructure and network in our datacenter proxies. We provide unlimited traffic and multiple simultaneous connections. With our Datacenter proxies, we offer a wide range of affordable costs for your transactions.

5+ Million IPv4 Pool

In the service we provide entirely from our own infrastructure, we also provide you with a proxy from the IP addresses that we control ourselves.

Proxies, which are completely high quality and stable because we control them ourselves, always stay clean and see low cost high transaction volume for your individual / corporate business.

We have more than 1 Million IP addresses in the proxy service we provide from more than 400 Subnets and it is increasing day by day.

You can easily use the proxies that we have previously tested for our customers who are always checked before presenting them to you and will do data analysis. Our proxies with 99% Uptime are always checked by our technical team on high quality infrastructure.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No extra fee GB.

Unlimited Connection

You can log in to proxies multiple times at the same time.

5+ Million Datacenter Proxy Pools

More than 5 Million stable and quality thread pools.

400+ Subnet

More than 400 IPV4 Subnets.

Instant Delivery & Self-Service Panel

Self-Service Customer panel where you can automatically perform new order, protocol change, time extension, export and all other operations.

Full API

If you want to automatically control your proxies from your software or if you want to sell proxies to your customers, you can become our dealer using API.

USER:PASS / IP Whitelist

You can use your proxies either as USER:PASS or by defining IP whitelist.


You can change your proxies from your panel as HTTPS or SOCKS.

Export Proxies / Easy Integrate

You can export your proxies as TXT in any combination and easily integrate your software or program.

Zero Data/ No Log

Proxies do not hold data / Log records.

10Mbit Speed / 0.5MS

We offer 10Mbit speed value to ensure stability in our proxies. We serve you with the lowest ping by using the fastest Dynamic DNS so that you can connect to the proxies fast and not lose speed.

Instant access to largest proxy network.

No annual commitment. No additional fees. Buy as much as you want, try now.

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